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Howard rejects audience with Bono

"Dear Mr Bono, Jeanette and I would be delighted to meet your good self and Cher on your next visit to Sydney." - the joke I didn't get to use after all.

There are, however, reports that Little Johnny said, after being told that his U2ness would be at Telstra Stadium this Saturday night, "I didn't know there was a footy game at Telstra Stadium this Saturday. Who's playing?"

The fact is however, that Bono, in making his request to meet Australia's Prime Miniature, alluded to a small thing called Millennium Development Goal No.1 (allocating 0.7% of GDP to foreign aid) which Australia agreed to in 2000 but has continually fudged on honouring. Which Johnny didn't like.

Maybe it's time to get Harry Belafonte on the case...