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Daily Twitter Posts - 06/11/2011

21:47 RT @DatelineSBS: Rick, the 9.30 news is moving to 10.30. Insight will be shown before Dateline at 8.30. #
21:45 @DatelineSBS thanks. Tuesday nights next year sounding great :) #
21:41 On #SBS1 now, some remarkable footage of JFK's last day in Dallas, the day of his assassination. #
21:29 So if @DatelineSBS is moving to 9.30 Tuesdays next year, what happens to the 9.30 news? @SBS #
20:33 ...but @LesMurraySBS's refugee story on @DatelineSBS takes precedence. #
20:32 Some Sunday nights the 8.30 choices are just too hard. Even TVS has"We Dive At Dawn" (1943). #abc1 #abc2 #sbs1 #tvs #
19:16 Sadly nothing new here. #cricket RT @greigtalks: Aussie players warned - BCCI don’t honour their debt deadlines. #
17:07 While shepherds washed their socks by night #
16:10 It's starting to look a lot like etc etc etc (@ David Jones Christmas Windows) #
15:01 Question du jour: Why does a shop called "Gumboots" not sell gumboots? #
07:44 #cricket Great finish to the Bulawayo Test. Few teams come as close as Zimbabwe did to chasing down 366. New Zealand by 34 runs. #