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Daily Twitter Posts - 12/11/2011

17:34 @TEDxAdelaide thanks. Looking forward to seeing some great talks! #
17:32 It's been fascinating following #tedxnewy and #tedxadl in tandem on Twitter. Will there video-on-demand of either? @tedxnewy @tedxadelaide #
16:43 Life after the bid RT @hambantota2018 Sri Lanka to use Commonwealth Games Bid as catalyst for life-changing development #
12:46 How would you be if you ran for election and lost to a dead man... oh hello, John Ashcroft! #
12:41 Klout says I am influential in 6 topics. Australia, Sydney, Cricket - ok. Typos - oh yeah! But Mexico? And cars???? #
11:04 Of course the other big sports event news this morning was Doha not getting the 2017 World Athletics Championships :) #
10:24 Sad to see that @Hambantota2018 has gone quiet since the #CG2018 decision. Commiserations on the result. Try again in 2022? #
10:09 Gold Coast Bid's "We Did It" press release talks long about jobs and economy but barely mentions sport - (PDF) #cg2018 #
10:01 Sports program for #CG2018 per Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Bid site - #
09:55 No #cricket in 2018 Commonwealth Games. RT @SixersBBL: Here's hoping they've included T20 by 2018! #
09:40 #TEDxNewy is under way in Newcastle. Ironic event at a time when the local council is imploding over the issue of tree management. #
09:33 Australia hosts the Empire/Commonwealth Games 1938, 1962, 1982, 2006, 2018. Five out of 21. Fair share? #cg2018 #
09:26 So is there any rational reason why, in 2011, I should have ActiveX plugins installed on my PC any more? #
09:09 The crowd at the Gold Coast live site are extremely subdued in comparison to the 1993 Sydney crowd when they won the Olympics. #
09:05 Gold Coast wins. I feel a little sorry for Hambantota. Anna Bligh looks happy, but no repeat of John Fahey 1993. #cg2018 #
07:48 My blog post from October 2010 on the 2018 Commknwealth Games bid - #cg2018 #
07:16 Oi! Channel 7. Where's "Beyond Tomorrow"? @sunriseon7 #
07:06 Call me un-Australian but I don't back the Gold Coast for #CG2018. Why should Australia get the Games again after just 12 years? #