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Daily Twitter Posts - 16/11/2011

21:47 I need to correct a tweet from this morning. Brett Lee only has 7. It's Tim Cahill who does 9. #
19:44 @InsideCricketOz how quickly we forget Roger Woolley #
18:10 A #charityweds shout to the Sydney Childrens Hospital Foundation @Sydney_Kids supporting a great hospital with great staff #
18:05 @Deuces2you has = had, past tense #
17:59 @Deuces2you Thanks. She has her appendix removed Sunday. Hopefully heading home tomorrow #
17:21 My daughter and I are watching the Cartoon Network on her hospital room TV. Is anything making news today? #
17:07 When I find myself looking through the Coke bottles in the shop for "Share a Coke with Rick", then I know the terrorists have won. #
13:07 #cricket NZ names 13-man squad for Test tour of Australia. - #
11:32 I suppose eating a few toxic fish is the perfect antidote for nine Weet-Bix every morning. #
11:29 Hmm MT @BrettLee_58: Had a quick fish, caught a few good ones. Best fishes, binga. #