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Daily Twitter Posts - 20/11/2011

23:33 I pont. You pont. Tonight, we're all ponting. #cricket #savaus #
22:32 #cricket RT @ESPNcricinfo: Epic-stat: Lyon, Sunny, Bracewell, Philander, Ashwin and Cummins - six debutants have taken 5-fors since August! #
20:12 I was about to use #Dolly as a hashtag for the late Basil D'Oliveira till I noticed that it's in use for Ms Parton's concert tonight. #
20:07 What was Colin Cowdrey's role in the 1968 "D'Oliveira Affair"? - #cricket #
07:07 All I hope is that Darren Lockyer isn't daft enough to do an Alfie Langer in a year or two. #
07:04 Sigh. Missed the Four Nations final. #