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Daily Twitter Posts - 21/11/2011

21:30 Just to prove that I, too, can be dumb, I thought #TheHour would finish at 9.30. It doesn't. Tonight's episode goes for two hours. #abc1 #
21:09 Imagine Britain being chucked out of the London Olympics for non-compliance with WADA rules. Couldn't happen surely? - #
20:34 The Hour. #abc1 now #
20:27 I'm worried now that this talk of D/L in Tests will give ideas to the people at the Supreme Governing Body of #Cricket, ie ESPN Star Sports #
20:25 @FireUpOnFBI oh dear. #
19:52 To all those asking: What were you thinking? MT @OfficialCSA: To all those asking: Duckworth-Lewis cannot be used in Test matches. #cricket #