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Daily Twitter Posts - 23/12/2011

21:33 Great idea. RT @prestontowers: Christmas at Home and New Year's Eve at Home - Building a Twitter Community #
18:53 vale Bruce Ruxton. You didn't have to agree with him to admire his passionate defence of his values. #
17:05 @dg79 Nauru is just the right size to cage both of them. #
17:02 Today's Bowen/Morrison talk a predictable waste of time. Whole issue debated is not central to resolving the refugee problems. #auspol #
16:18 Another Xmas Eve gem MT @latikambourke: Australian Government has approved FOXTEL's request to acquire Austar subject to ACCC approval. #
14:56 Twas the last weekday before Christmas. NSW government, you have not let us down. #fail #environment #wind #csg #mining #nswpol #bofgovt #
14:51 Handy hint: RT @TweetsofOld Don't light the fire with kerosene. Let the hired girl do it. She hasn't any wife and children; you have. NC1890 #
11:38 Darby's Pies. Why would you ever want to set foot inside a Pie Face? #
10:47 First time I've set foot in Swansea since the 20th century. It's changed a little. #
10:20 Malcolm Naden. Osama bin Laden. Rhymic slang? Coincidence? Conspiracy! #
07:59 #nswpol #renewables RT @MarkTobinSydney: ABC will be there. @lizfoschia covering the windfarm story for ABC Radio today. #
07:55 Whatever happened to... Brad Drewett? He's just been named new head of the ATP. #tennis RT @iSportconnect: #sportsbiz #
07:49 Last working day before Christmas. RT @MarkTobinSydney NSW Planning Minister Brad Hazzard will today announce new draft wind farm guidelines #