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Daily Twitter Posts - 25/12/2011

22:40 Lots of people twitpic'ing their Christmas dinners today. Here's a link to the latest Somalian famine situation report: #
22:13 Yes, "Sullivan's Travels" is still a great film 69 years after it was released. #
20:43 In 1977 it was a 12.30am movie on ch9 and I fell asleep just after the start. Tonight I finally catch up with "Sullivan's Travels" on DVD :) #
18:14 I'm watching a Jack Benny Christmas Show on @TVSydney right now. You're watching what?? #
16:30 Speaking of twitpics, check out #melbournehail and similar for Melbourne's unexpected white Christmas. #
16:27 I think I've seen proportionately more twitpic'ing today than any other day of the year. Even I did one! #
13:47 New world gaming devours old world gaming. There is an Angry Birds board game with playing cards and a plastic slingshot. I'm about to play. #
12:41 Wondering why Wii haven't released a Christmas carols edition of Just Dance 3. #
11:26 And now, it's time to break in a new Wii. #
11:25 Christmas morning at church is complete. More nativity scenes should feature the Archangel portrayed by a transformer. #
08:33 I can verify that Rudolph was the hungriest of the nine reindeer overnight. #
08:31 My daughter's reindeer refreshment stand after last night's stopover. #
07:42 @SilkCharm Having a day off for Leap Year next year? :) #
06:18 Merry Christmas! #