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Daily Twitter Posts - 28/12/2011

22:44 Why is the LOYAL in Investec LOYAL in capital letters? Is LOYAL an acronym for something? #
22:02 I suppose it was too much to expect even SBS to avoid reporting Elvis the Croc #
18:51 Border Protection Alert! There are boats sailing up the Derwent River! #stoptheboats #
17:38 btw, if anyone wants to know and doesn't yet, I'm tweeting #cricket on @rickeyrecricket #
13:11 See, not all the good croc stories come from NT. RT @newcastleherald Elvis the croc takes on lawnmower at reptile park: #
10:29 The red panda gives way to the duck as I choof off to @rickeyrecricket for the day. (is that how you spell choof?) #
08:42 Good analysis by @brucehawker2010 of the asylum-seeker question and how Australia has dealt with it in the past #auspol #
08:28 Catching up on one of the big news stories of the past few days: RT @AJEnglish: #Sudan army kills #Darfur rebel leader #
07:10 Call me old fashioned, but to me The Little Master will always be this guy - #