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Daily Twitter Posts - 29/12/2011

13:40 @pratyushkh besides, I'm going to the Thunder game tomorrow night :) #
13:38 @pratyushkh it's barely an hour to fly from Melbourne to Sydney. Could be done. #
13:35 @pratyushkh not impossible for the test to finish in the morning and for him to fly to Sydney for the evening. #
13:13 Shouldn't newsreaders be shouting the LOYAL in Investec LOYAL? #
12:50 Whatever you've planned for tomorrow can't top Samoa. They're skipping Dec 30 completely as they switch sides of the international date line #
07:55 @Jono or a neat bit of commercial sabotage by somebody #
07:53 Ha. RT @romenesko NYT: "We regret this error and we regret our earlier communication noting that this email was SPAM." #
07:52 Now why on earth would the New York Times be emailing me about cancelling home delivery of their newspaper? #