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Daily Twitter Posts - 30/12/2011

22:43 Happy New Years Eve to all in Samoa! #
18:46 I'm at the ANZ tweeting the T20 #cricket on @rickeyrecricket, but if you want reliable updates follow all the usual outlets. #
18:33 #BigBash between @ThunderBBL and @RenegadesBBL. (@ ANZ Stadium w/ 18 others) #
16:55 It's good to be able to devour whole bananas again without feeling extravagant. #
14:11 Tis that time of year when the gates, barriers and screens go up again at Circular Quay #
13:17 Hate it when I submit an amendment to @foursquare and the person adding my amendment edits his/her own errors into the update. Happens often #
09:28 An end-of-year #ff to @johnjohnsonson whose RT'ing of bad celebrity tweets is even funnier than his endless obsession with rhyming puns. #
07:18 Now this is an interesting development RT @evgenymorozov Google France fined for faulty word suggestion in autocomplete #
00:05 Some stories can never be made up. RT @mediaguardian: BBC panda row after Tian Tian named among year's top women #