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Daily Twitter Posts - 08/04/2012

22:41 It's a hair removal technology, isn't it? RT @ozgooner: I rest my case. RT @andrew_54 @ozgooner What's an IPL? #
22:00 St Kitts-Nevis is another island nation where #climatechange sceptics should be sent to see for themselves - #
21:15 Alarm set for 8.00. Thank you. RT @thetodayshow: Set those alarms - @RichardWilkins speaks with @justinbieber tomorrow at 7.40! #JustinToday #
20:17 I have eaten no Easter eggs, nor any chocolate at all, today. So why do I feel unwell? #
20:16 Israel's disgrace for yet another Easter. RT @JamalDajani: A darker Easter for Palestinian Christians #
19:39 That was close. #lightning #
18:28 And a nice little thunderstorm outside to wrap up Easter Sunday. #
15:49 A timeline of conflict in northern #Mali from French colonisation in 1891 to the Azawad independence claim on Thursday #
12:47 Oh lovely. Rain just in time for Eastet egg hunt. #
06:56 Today #NRL tip: RT @Horse_ebooks: Eels #
06:52 Not long till #London2012 now. RT @NZStuffSport: Intruder interrupts Cambridge-Oxford race #