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Daily Twitter Posts - 10/04/2012

14:33 HSG chuck in the #Jets #aleague licence. FFA says they can't do that. See y'all in court, I think." #
13:34 Oh. Dear. RT @JohnSafran: Tweeters discover sinking Titanic was real event | (via @sunili) #
12:32 Provided, of course, they promise never to rename themselves the Hunter Mariners. #aleague #jets #
12:31 I wonder if there's the opportunity now for the @CCMariners to expand their fan base, and maybe home base, northwards? #aleague #jets #
11:24 I wonder how much money our Federal Government will throw at the FFA. Hopefully SFA. #aleague #
11:16 Well that's only 3 teams from greater Sydney in the national competition now. #aleague #
11:14 Today's lesson: Never trust Tinkler. #
08:57 You're linking to a fake? RT @702sydney: Tony Jones @TonyJones_qanda gives his perspective on what happened last night, on air now. #
07:56 Meanwhile, I am being amused comparing the tweets of @sunriseon7 and @tenbreakfast over some unidirectional boy band. #
07:53 Why has the Sydney Morning Herald done a report on last night's confrontation-as-entertainment program on the ABC? #
07:37 Couldn't agree less about Instagram. RT @abcmarkscott: "Facebook lacks soul. Instagram is all soul and emotion." #
06:57 @xdamman that test notification feature is still sending emails #
06:49 Thanks for letting us know. RT @xdamman: @rickeyre apologies, a new notification feature that was misfired. #
06:43 No @xdamman you don't need to send me all these emails to say I'm on a @storify page you're updating. You do know how to suppress them, yes? #
06:23 Strange typo in the Instagram buyout stories. Surely that b in the purchase price was meant to be an m? #
06:03 Oh poo. RT @instagram: We're excited to announce something very big: Instagram + Facebook #