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Daily Twitter Posts - 15/04/2012

19:59 The astonishing extent to which sponsor's rights are protected at the #london2012 Olympics - #
19:42 If I can't follow the #logies live via Twitter I'm not following them at all. So there. #
19:12 One thing we know for sure about the 2020 Olympics is that they will be held in the northern hemisphere - #
17:45 vale Murray Rose 1939-2012 #
17:08 Early days blah blah blah but 6875 at Blacktown for its #GWS debut is pretty underwhelming. (15k at Centrelink Stadium for the #nrl) #afl #
17:01 0-30 0-30 #NRL RT @PenrithPanthers: guys we know you're disappointed, we are too. #
16:49 Why is Hadley doing the ch9 Sunday #NRL game this week? He's audio wallpaper. I was thinking for a moment that Sterlo was the main caller. #
09:37 I don't think Essendon beating Gold Coast by 17 can be described as Dustin Fletcher "celebrating" his 350th game. #afl #
08:27 Some newspapers should only be published this way. MT @romenesko How the NY Times Matzo edition came to be "published." #
07:45 Gillard, like most PMs, not going to Olympics. And she's going to G20 instead of AOC dinner. As told by the Sun-Herald: #