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Daily Twitter Posts - 16/04/2012

22:47 Sigh. RT @everyword: politics #
21:30 Start counting, Queensland. RT @couriermail: Police Minister David Gibson forced to resign for unlicensed driving. Details to follow. #
20:09 Has anyone ever seen @rupertmurdoch and @dannolan_ebooks in the same room? #
19:55 A fine piece on the BBC's last, tragic, day at the Grand National. RT @SportSJA: #
19:14 @NSWRL agreed, not easy choices but I hope it all succeeds because this weekend's a great opportunity to showcase the NSW Cup! #
18:38 Too long. Will get misspelt or ignored. MT @NSWRL: NSWRL hash tags for weekend #foundationchallenge #battleofthebeaches #battleofthewest #
17:16 Here's that @mgthoughtleader piece again with the title and url fixed - (thx @mailandguardian) #
17:00 @mailandguardian thank you for the prompt response. #
16:29 The subs at The Thought Leader, the opinion blog of S.Africa's @mailandguardian could have checked this heading better #
15:39 One to watch for next year's #logies? RT @Noise11Tweets: MIA composes music for Julian Assange's TV show #
13:07 There. The "new" Google Mail postponed again, this time with extensive and thorough feedback. I don't think I threatened violence even once. #
13:03 And, Google, I don't appreciate the text buttons all being replaced with obscure pictograms, thank you very much. #
13:02 I see Google snuck the New Gmail onto my account while I was on vacation. Sneaks. #
09:42 Actually, (w/o seeing the Sunrise i/v) Fitz could be alluding to Hawke's old suggestion of replacing the 6 states with 20 regions #
09:25 Is @fitzhunter suggesting a re-run of the 1967 Northern New South Wales secession referendum? #auspol #nswpol #nnswpol #
09:21 Ah, multi-function memories of what might have been RT @everyword: polis #
09:13 How on Earth can anyone even start to claim that Molly Meldrum's #Logies HoF award is a win for Foxtel? - #
09:08 Ho ho ho. RT @meadea: In case you missed the Herald Sun's explanation of #logies leak #
03:54 Company boss says don't buy his product. MT @rupertmurdoch: Tweeters who don't like particular newspapers don't have to buy them. #
03:27 "openness and transparency are critical parts of our promise to you" Yes by no longer notifying changes to your T&Cs #
03:22 "in response to feedback about reducing emails to users, in the future we may change our Terms without sending all our users" Hmmm. #