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Daily Twitter Posts - 17/04/2012

22:14 On Youtube already, episode 1 of Julian Assange Reads Dorothy Dixers To International Scoundrels - #
22:06 Still think Jules could do with a song or two. I hear Engelbert Humperdinck's making a comeback #
22:02 I suppose getting an interview with the head of Hezbollah was a coup, but otherwise #Assange's show was dull as dishwater. Don't bother. #
21:52 It's a pity Nasrallah's not in the studio with Jules, they could have spun the wheel at the end of the show and given away some cool prizes. #
21:40 Sorry Jules I'm getting bored already. #expectassange #
21:34 Where's the couch? Where's the set? Where's the band? Where's the audience?? #expectassange #
21:22 Something I don't often (indeed, ever), watch the live stream if the Russia Today waiting for the next show to start. #expectassange #twt #
20:56 That better not be The Official Hashtag #twt RT @RT_com: 1 hour to go #ExpectAssange #
18:21 Though I'm really hoping it will be Adele who will finish the show doing a duet with Tupac Shakur's hologram. #assange #twt #
18:19 Wondering who #Assange's first guest will be on #TWT. I'm tipping some Anonymous dude in an Anonymous mask and altered voice. #
18:06 The title's a bit hyperbolic but this piece @henrywinter is interesting: How Twitter changed football - via @Telegraph #
15:57 Russia Today's answer to Graham Norton and Warnie talks about his new chat show which debuts less than 6 hrs from now #
12:10 Try "polliwog" RT @SMHReadersEd Had not thought ''cotton-pickin'' racist but Aust Oxford says it is offensive in US. Is it in Australia too? #
12:09 tells me it's a tadpole. RT @everyword: polliwog #
11:27 9.30pm AEST. But what's the official hashtag? RT @TV_Rev: The new Julian Assange talk show premieres tonight. #
10:21 Brilliant piece by @gregbaum on AOC boss John Coates - #olympics #london2012 #
09:36 New discussion on my #Linkedin #Rugbyleague group: "James Tamou, Australian" #nrl #anzactest #
07:33 That be heavy rain outside. #
07:23 I really do wish the media would stop using the word "finance" to describe the business news. @breakfastnews and many many others. #
06:29 Amazed that in 2012 there's no official Twitter for the #Pulitzer Prizes, but the full list is on their website - #