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Daily Twitter Posts - 23/04/2012

23:58 Not really sure why I ever followed Mr Murray. Don't any more in any case. #
23:50 Great in what sense? RT @pm_live: VIDEO: Here is the GREAT #aca story we were talking about on #pmlive. Enjoy: @PMOnAir #
20:51 Hmmm. #london2012 RT @peaceandsport What do you think: are the London Games the 1st world’s “first social Olympics"? #
18:04 I really want to know when Chris Uhlmann is going to get Mal Meninga on 7.30 #
17:48 And with @JohnQuiggin guest-tweeting Lateline tonight, I might even stay up and watch... twitter. #
16:42 So Deputy Prime Minister Emeritus Bob Brown is on #qanda tonight. Might even watch tonight. #
16:37 Oh of course. #NRL Round 8 kicks off Wednesday afternoon. #
16:07 It's not a referendum. It's not a plebiscite. It's... an online poll! - #
15:59 @ben_hr I'm a big @ConversationEDU fan and I'm not in academia. #
15:50 A quick search on Twitter tells me that the disappearance of Michael Jackson has had greater exposure around Marrickville than one J.Kony #
15:21 Michael Jackson is missing! #
13:59 @Steph_Philbrick why does Micro$oft have to do everything differently? Oh that's right, cause they're Micro$oft #
13:18 "install Microsoft Silverlight." Are you serious, Bigpond? #
12:03 Tony Abbott makes things up. Have I mentioned this before? #
11:37 The allegations against #Slipper are serious and must be investigated. But they're not political. It's wrong for Abbott to politicise this. #
11:26 Shorter ABC 24: We can't bring you Murray Rose's funeral, so let's see if Tony Abbott's got something to say instead. #
08:13 Hmm @everyword is having one of those days #
06:32 Hehe. RT @France24_en: FRENCH ELECTIONS 2012: Twitter users circumvent French law with WWII codes #
03:12 +1 RT @everyword: poo #