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Daily Twitter Posts - 24/04/2012

20:40 #sudan #southsudan RT @France24_en: [BREAKING] South-Sudan leader Kiir says #Khartoum has 'declared war' on his country #
20:35 If I wanted to see everything the Hon.Speaker-In-Hiatus tweets I would have followed him myself. Enough of the blanket retweeting already! #
20:22 Congratulations @NZBreakers! #nbl RT @NZStuffSport: ANBL grand finals - Game 3 live-blog commentary #
19:52 Did Uhlmann talk over Abbott last night the way he's talking over Albo tonight? #abc730 #
18:38 @KKeneally thanks. Go the Wildcats! #
18:29 Twitter is a live medium, not a TV chat room. Please go ahead :) MT @KKeneally: Twitterverse: want scores or not? #NBLGF #
18:27 Out takes of actors fluffing their lines and bursting into laughter. Gosh I've never seen that happen before. #
15:53 Yes but who actually listens to evening talkback? RT @ThePowerIndex: Watch out Sydney: Bolt's on his way to 2GB #
15:24 It's become very cold since that storm at lunchtime. #
15:23 The family that sold its #water licence on the Murrumbidgee and is setting up business in #Sudan #
15:06 Couldn't agree more. RT @everyword: poppycock #
14:24 Oi Google! I didn't give you permission to put me back onto the New Gmail! #
13:23 And today's reading is: RT @WorldBank: How much progress has been made on the #MDGs? Find out here: #
13:16 Thunderstorm? Now? #
11:25 So is @PM_Live / @PMonAir still raving about that said ACA report? Judging by the flippant hashtag he's using this morning I'd say yes. #
11:20 From @meadea on last night's @ACurrentAffair9 Leanne Edelsten abomination - #
07:13 It's not his "former" role. MT @thetodayshow: Peter Slipper still pockets the salary & perks of his former role as Federal Speaker #