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Daily Twitter Posts - 28/04/2012

19:35 WWF's UK CEO evaluates the #London2012 official Sustainability Partners. Some are less suitable than others - #
18:16 Fascinating. RT @datastore: International land deals: who is investing and where | Claire Provost #
17:37 TAbbott claimed in today's #asktony session to be a GWS Giants supporter. Does he even know they played today? #aflgiantsdogs #
17:09 I see there's been another Newtown victory when I wasn't in attendance. #vbnswcup #
13:58 Hmm if TAbbott thinks supporting the GWS Giants will win him votes he needs to practice the team's name first. #
13:08 Hmm no one prior to the early 1970s RT @Bubs_11: If you haven't voted yet get onto it!! #
12:44 Nice cheap 11 minute stunt that. RT @TonyAbbottMHR: Flight called. Thanks for the responses, Cheers #asktony #
12:41 #asktony @TonyAbbottMHR Given the choice between a major international summit and an olympic team fundraiser, what would you choose? #
12:36 #asktony Why did you lie to the Australian public yesterday about the state of our diplomatic relations with Indonesia? #
12:35 #asktony When are you going to apologise for your deceitful and distasteful "red light on the hill" remark this morning? #
12:32 Is it time I got myself across this Hunger Game Of Thrones that everyone seems to be talking about? #
12:30 Hmm. #nrlcbyman RT @joegee8: Great win but better that we honoured our anzacs #saluté #
11:31 #auspol @TonyAbbottMHR said WHAT?? RT @latikambourke: Tony Abbott - Ben Chifley's party now defending Craig Thomson's red light on the hill. #
10:55 With a lot of wishful thinking, hope neither of them ever become Prime Minister. #
10:53 Still, compare Shorten's mindless loyalty to Tony "Whatever It Is, I'm Against It" Abbott. #auspol #
10:31 also conjures up images of Bill Shorten the Jack Russell on At Home With Julia #
10:27 Just watched the Bill Shorten/Sky News interview (albeit a Libs edited version). Reminds me of a Shorten appearance on #qanda last year. #
09:50 Oh Rupert. RT @rupertmurdoch: Dramatic, slimy events in Australian politics. Country desperately needs election to get fresh start. #