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Daily Twitter Posts - 30/04/2012

21:54 How did I accidentally leave #qanda switched on? Peter Reith is polluting my picture tube. *off* #
20:31 Is that Our Clive on Australian Story next week? #ozstory #
19:32 When is Chris Uhlmann going to interview Clive Palmer? Remember, the record is 24 seconds held by Mal Meninga. #
19:11 International Jazz Day? I thought today was International Day Before May Day Day! #
18:59 For what it's worth I don't genuinely believe there's bias in ABC's political reportage but some of their efforts at balance do seem naive. #
18:56 Coming up next: "Tony Abbott Says" followed by "Hey Hey It's IPA" #
18:04 What Julia Gillard has done wrong as PM, and the things she has gotten right - #auspol #
15:30 another video of that Meninga interview as shown on 20-to-1, but you get to see the back of Uhlmann's head in this one #
15:28 The immortal Mal Meninga/Chris Uhlmann interview from 2001 (as shown on the Chaser) - #auspol #
14:58 From today's @mornings9 the AU:SUM @schoolofrock (my great-nephew is the one with the pointy headgear) - #
14:51 @BLMacDonaldBVSc kidding about Uhlmann. From memory, Mal just went "oh bugger it can't do this" got up and walked out. Must find the video. #
14:40 Tony Burke's media release announcing the listing of the koala as an endangered species - #
14:14 @BLMacDonaldBVSc dunno, Chris doesn't usually show that much emotion #
13:01 What we need now is for Chris Uhlmann to interview Clive Palmer about his political aspirations, as he did with Mal Meninga. #auspol #
11:33 Reading time. RT @Converg_Review: The government has released the final report of the Convergence Review Committee #
11:08 Conrado Marrero, the oldest surviving MLB player, turned 101 last week Here's his stats - #