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Daily Twitter Posts - 02/05/2012

21:30 @sportingintel Reading the global salary survey. Is there a reason why NRL teams weren't included? Salary cap last yr $US ~4.3mil per team #
20:31 It's almost time to randle. #abc1 #
20:11 RT @bernietb: Pls RT. #
18:09 think Andy Warhol's Sleep. RT @NickBryantOz: The White House Correspondents' Dinner, as reviewed by Hendrik Hertberg #
15:51 More on that @ESPNmag / @Sportingintel survey of the world's best paid sports teams. Now I see why #NRL was excluded. #
15:24 Infrastructure NSW chairman calls for the removal of an important part of #Newcastle's transport infrastructure - #
14:57 #nrl RT @SSFCRABBITOHS: Members heard it first but here's the official news regarding the Ben Te'o signing #gorabbitohs #
14:47 I seem to have just signed up to @Historypin. As if I don't have enough social media platforms to keep track of... #
14:24 Now that I've studied that @ESPNmag survey more closely I realise only 14 leagues were polled. Was the #NRL not asked? #
13:01 From @turnleft2013 the dissembling of last night's ch7 beat-up on Joel Fitzgibbon #auspol #
09:19 And in other news, basketball administrator wants the carbon tax rolled back #
08:31 List of 278. Every #AFL club listed. #NRL misses out. - ESPN's list of the highest paying sports teams in the world #
08:20 There are times when I think Quora is about as informative as an #asktony session. #
07:26 Sold. The LA Dodgers to a consortium including Magic Johnson for $US 2.15 billion #
07:18 Were they ever leaving? RT @TheAcademy: Breaking news: The Academy Awards to Remain in Hollywood at The Dolby Theatre #
06:48 Why the passing reference to Fitzgibbon in this SMH item about Pyne/Ashby? #auspol #