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Daily Twitter Posts - 11/05/2012

21:45 All right. Who unfollowed me to bring my total back to 999? You know who you are... #
19:55 I just accidentally watched a Jaimee Rodgers TAB Sportsbet ad and the odds quoted were timestamped Wednesday morning?? #
16:57 Congratulations and #ff to @Mobile_Pix, 2 days on the Twitter, 21 tweets and my 1000th follower! Your prize is this tweet :) #
15:36 Oh. RT @BBC_Reith: The 2012 Reith Lectures presented by economic historian Niall Ferguson will broadcast on @BBCRadio4 in June/July. #
15:31 Though I've never really tried hard, I've just reached 1000 followers for the first time. Thank you one and all! #
15:15 Rugby league will only survive if the game is allowed to flourish beyond the confines of the 16 #NRL clubs. Separate #vbnswcup essential. #
15:12 Can't agree with @robbiefarah. Standalone #VBNSWCup does great job now as reserve grade and is vital for the expansion of the game. #
12:21 Yep. RT @ABCthedrum: My criticism of Chris Uhlmann is not that of bias, but of competence, says Paul Keating #
09:32 Never mind bikie wars. Is Sydney ready for the North Shore - Inner West border dispute? #