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Daily Twitter Posts - 17/05/2012

20:01 Interesting infographic: Who Is Using Which Social Network #
19:48 Good to see that Barnaby Joyce hasn't been in the news at all for absolutely any reason today. #abc730 #
18:31 #auspol #slipper #thomson RT @everyword: prejudged #
18:30 Have more faith. RT @sardesairajdeep: Twitter trends confirm that twitterati want trivia not truth, sensation not sense, smoke not fire. #
18:24 Uh oh. RT @amy_bainbridge: Our #lateline guest tweeter tonight is NSW Govt Whip @PeterPhelpsMLC Join us from 1025pm AEST #
17:48 Why are there more classic Commodore 64 games out on Android? Or indeed any? #
17:15 Well Greg's comeback lasted a long time. I wonder what Sam is thinking. #
07:59 Imagine Bob Hawke and Bob Katter. Together. Call them Two Bob Watch. Shudder. #
07:56 So much for Paul Keating or Bill Kelty getting much air time from last night's session of the ACTU Congress. #ac12 #auspol #hawke #
07:28 Could Bob Hawke be the Tony Bennett of the Australian protest movement? His show-stopper from the ACTU Congress - #
06:55 Long but worth the read. RT @ebertchicago: How Yahoo messed with Flickr and shot itself in the foot. #