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Daily Twitter Posts - 22/05/2012

17:55 I see it now, coming to channel 9 in 2013: Schapelle Corby joins the cast of Getaway. #
17:37 Tell you what, if my name was Craig Thompson, I'd start suing a few people. Hint world: spelling. #
17:32 Senator Conroy's address to the #CeBITAus plenary this morning, which he read off his iPad - #
16:31 I'm getting bored with Canberra. Why don't the news channels give us rolling coverage of the PNG parliament which actually sounds exciting? #
16:28 And doesn't the ambience of the neighbourhood change when the local kebab shop closes for renovations! #
13:15 Ach! #ABC1 repeating last night's #qanda? Do I have to put the TV on mute again? #
13:06 @tbutson hooray for that! #
13:00 Also speaking at the #CeBITAus plenary was Indian ICT Minister Sachin Pilot. There's something about him that really impresses me. #
12:54 Went to the opening plenary at #CeBITAus this morning. @E_Kaspersky gave a brilliant keynote. Very funny man. #
12:42 Hey when did they bring back the rubbish bins to the platforms at Central? #cityrail #win #
10:59 I'm at CeBIT Australia 2012 (Sydney, NSW) w/ 9 others #