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Daily Twitter Posts - 25/05/2012

20:40 Actually, why have I even got the volume on channel 9 higher than zero? #
20:36 Did I just hear that promo for ACA use the phrase "dole bludger"? (Why was I even paying attention?) #
17:09 On the other hand, the ClubsNSW BullyCheck program would probably stop Tony Abbott from becoming Prime Minister #
17:07 Dunno about this RT @InnerWestNews Bullies could lose out on a job under a new BULLYcheck program launched by ClubsNSW. #
16:10 Is there *anything* nice that can be said about Cory Bernardi? #auspol #
14:38 Nothing to report, in fact RT @IBAF_Baseball Baseball and softball don't have yet a joint bid for Olympic reinstatement #
14:04 Totally totally brilliant. #nrl #soo RT @FireUpOnFBI: Denis Carnahan: Genius: #
13:50 I can't wait to see Senator Assange wearing his soundproof mask in Question Time in 2014. #auspol #
11:36 Could there be any greater hell than being teamed on a reality TV show than Catherine Deveny and Peter Reith? #
11:35 You mean Celebrity Go Back To Where You Came From *wasn't* an April Fools joke? #
10:32 Rio served search warrant in Olympic golf course dispute; city says it hasn't signed contract #rio2016 #
09:35 On the eve of #TEDxSydney here's an #ff for: RT @TedNugent: Knee surgery sux but my team was womderful #
08:06 So the intense media coverage of the intense media pressure continues unabated #auspol #
07:17 @breakfastnews If the name "South Australia" is too boring, then rename it "The Bit Between Western Australia And The Eastern States". #
07:08 Tony Abbott doesn't get it. Backing off on an issue doesn't mean continuing to play politics with. #auspol #