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Daily Twitter Posts - 27/05/2012

23:59 Uncouth Aussies wasting good wine. #f1 #
23:57 And why didn't they fly the kid from Annie to Monte Carlo on standby to sing the Australian anthem? #f1 #
23:55 I know it's late on a Sunday night but did Australia just win the Eurovision Grand Prix? #
23:16 So can I now congratulate Sweden 15 hours after hearing the result? #sbseurovision #
20:07 No #SBSEurovision for me, but I couldn't help sneaking a look at Engelbert. He didn't do too bad I thought - #
19:50 Sheesh people. If you want to avoid spoilers you should demand SBS show #SBSEurovision live next year, and get up at 5am Sunday to watch it! #
16:23 Argentine Olympic Committee President hints at 2030 Summer Olympic bid. Yes, 2030. Or maybe 2034. - #
13:04 Ugh. Wests in deep trouble this year. RT @Wests_Tigers: FT Balmain Ryde Eastwood 88 def Wests Magpies 16 #VBNSWCup #
08:45 That moment 20 minute after you cut your toenails when you notice the trail of blood you've been walking everywhere. #
08:25 Perhaps the answer is for SBS to show #Eurovision live with no repeats so people have to be up at dawn on Sunday morning to catch it. #
08:21 Yes, there is that. RT @hdrebner: I also have a question: Why show #Eurovision at all? #
08:11 I say this every year. SBS shows no end of European soccer live to air. Why not #Eurovision? #