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Daily Twitter Posts - 30/05/2012

20:47 Now I get it. is the new Orkut. #
20:37 $A12.75! RT @jacquelinmagnay: London olympic organisers to charge 8 pounds for a pie and potato at Games. Same price for cod and chips. #
20:35 In which country are the rights to telecast #London2012 worth the most per capita? Take a bow, Australia. - #
19:36 Where's those life expectancy tables again? RT @joeobrien24: Judge says #CharlesTaylor sentence of 80yrs would be excessive #
18:38 Good. #auspol RT @latingle: ACA says it won't be pursuing thomson story further #
18:34 Canberra football club demands player give up second sport, ie backyard trampolining - #
18:26 Jules off to Sweden for next year's Eurovision #
18:14 Second leg of the Swedish quinella coming up. They've got Eurovision. Will they get Assange? #
18:09 Joint statement from @CanberraUnited and Ellyse Perry - #football #soccer #wleague #cricket #
17:40 +1 RT @jeffrey_gabriel: Feel sorry for @newcastleherald and @illawarramerc staff being punished for the underperforming @smh and @theage #
17:27 Good on the Fairfax staff for walking out. We on Twitter should boycott Fairfax websites for the duration of the strike in support. #
17:23 On the subject of regional media killed by centralisation: RT @everyword: prime #
16:13 ABC axes Warren Beatty film for Royal pageant while the rest of us will be watching the footy - #
12:53 If Mitt Romney wants to be President of A Mercia, or even the Mercia, he's going to need to deal with these guys first #
12:47 According to his iPhone app, Mitt Romney stands for "A Better Amercia" - #sillinessstakes #
12:40 "If we don't perform you can hold us to account at the next election." That's not what the original BOF Contract With NSW said. #nswpol #
12:37 Ooh. BOF's pledge to resign has been written out of the "Contract With NSW" as it now appears online! #nswpol #
12:35 @SportForWomen Yes. Media only appears to beat up negative stories like this one. Rightly or not, both sports need "good news" like Perry #
12:29 With the BOF govt's backflip over protecting national parks, here's their pre-election Contract With NSW: #nswpol #
12:12 @SportForWomen on seats where? W-league? Matildas? Breakers? Sstars? In front of the TV? Being interested doesnt equal being there in person #