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October 2004

First leg of a Boston double-header?

There wouldn't be too many people still around who can remember the Red Sox last World Series win back in 1918. Even that great Bostonian, JFK the First, would have been less than 18 months old when they did it. The question now is whether Boston can make it a double: the Red Sox today, and the junior senator from Massachussetts (JFK the Second) in the presidential election on Tuesday?

A great, and concise, comment on the Red Sox win at

Food fight!

My whole body smells like a lunch box!
- Chen Chong-yi (Democratic Progressive Party, Taiwan), 26.10.04

What a great moment for democracy it was in Taipei on Tuesday. A debate about whether a multi-billion dollar arms budget should be placed on the parliamentary agenda this Friday turned into an open battle of its own.

Pull up those Red Sox!

Goodness gracious. The Boston Red Sox are one game away from their first World Series in 86 years. My prediction of 4-1 to the Cardinals is being shot to smithereens.

4-1 was in fact the score, in runs, of Boston's win at Busch Stadium in Game Three which has just ended. Now that they've come this far, I hope the Red Sox win game four simply because it's the last game I'll be able to watch before we go on holidays.