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October 2011

Robert Burns and I send our regards for All Hallows Eve

Upon that night, when fairies light
On Cassilis Downans dance,
Or owre the lays, in splendid blaze,
On sprightly coursers prance;
Or for Colean the rout is ta’en,
Beneath the moon’s pale beams;
There, up the Cove, to stray an’ rove
Amang the rocks an’ streams
To sport that night.


Daily Twitter Posts - 30/10/2011

22:11 Shock exclusive revelation. RT @Barnaby_Joyce: Qantas issue is a complete mess #
20:10 #cricket Twelve teams played in this year's Hong Kong Sixes. Australia, fielding state 2nd XI players, came 11th. - #
18:58 Transcript w/video of @AlanKohler's interview with #Qantas CEO Alan Joyce this morning - Recommended if you missed it. #
18:39 Three #cricket #typos that get under my skin: Phil Jacques/Jaques, Dennis Lillie/Lillee, Ian Healey/Healy. #
18:28 #cricket Great #RyobiCup win by NSW over Vic today. We haven't had a one-day 200 in Aus yet but it's getting closer! - #
18:24 Hate to be picky but any NSWer should get Phil Jaques name right MT @ThunderBBL: Congratulations @13DSmith breaking Phil Jacques record #
15:10 Watching Alan Kohler's interview with Alan Joyce from this morning. Pity it wasn't shot in 3D so we could see Joyce's nose growing. #qantas #
14:23 #qantas #auspol RT @latingle: on the website and out of the paywall #
14:03 Altered schedules for Sheffield Shield and Futures League this week, thank you very much Alan Joyce - #cricket #qantas #
10:22 Wondering how the flight simulator trainees are going the secret Dubai bunker. #qantas #

Daily Twitter Posts - 29/10/2011

20:20 #cricket No. You can't call an orange an apple cause you feel like it. RT @IPL: BCCI Working Committee- IPL is categorized as List “A” match #
18:31 @cannotbelieve77 they should. #
17:57 ooh, Alan Joyce has really lost it, hasn't he? #qantas #
17:28 28? You can't tell me that it was only 28 degrees out there today. 32-33, yes. #
08:50 Here is the @nswpolice Project "eyewatch" page on Facebook - #
08:37 A triumph for @nswpolice's new Rural Eyewatch program RT @FarmOnline: Facebook catches out chemical thief:" #
08:25 @miamiaman you mean the coach who took Tinkler's millions to become an obscure failure at the Newcastle Knights? #boldprediction #
07:58 Aus 26 NZ 12 #4nations FT. Now the Saturday sports shows can get on with the Katich/Clarke #sideshow before Race 1 at Flemington. #
07:50 Ahem Sky Sports: if that was Aku Uate's 3rd interanational try, what does that make the 5 tries he scored for Fiji in 2008? #4nations #
07:32 Darius Boyd scores a try in one of his last games before disappearing into the obscurity of the Newcastle Knights. #4nations #
07:29 Righteo. We've won the #cricket, now let's hang on in the #rugbyleague. #
06:56 Oil spill on Lake Macquarie? RT @newcastleherald: Eraring power station explosion: lake spill fears -" #

Daily Twitter Posts - 28/10/2011

21:28 Is it just me, or are the "any chance of a RT" RTs becoming more and more trivial in nature? #
21:04 @idlesummers I'd like to take it a step further and have them elected for, say a four-year term. And give them a fancy name like "President" #
20:58 It would be better to change the Laws of Succession so that future successors to the throne are elected by the people. #CHOGM #
20:06 That's probably as good as a retirement announcement from international #cricket for Simon Katich. RT @SMHsport: m #
19:57 Ok, that disco is done. #
18:21 My pick for most appropriate horror costume of the Halloween Disco is the kid wearing Chelsea FC kit. (oh he's come straight from training) #
18:15 I've just been handed the Zombie Hannah Montana fright wig. Apparently one can't dance with it on. #
18:06 Halloween disco night at school. Rest assured my daughter is the only child to come as Zombie Hannah Montana. #
16:54 @ammynition Inverarity won't be as aloof or pompous as Hilditch. It will take time to see how he goes. Everyone seems to approve of him. #
16:18 @ammynition they could have come up with much worse. #
15:45 #cricket A correction from me: John Inverarity is 67, not 69. He turns 68 on January 31. #
15:10 And here's the @CricketAus announcement of Invers' appointment as full-time national selector #cricket #
15:07 John Inverarity new NSP chairman. Age 69 last played for Australia 1972. Coached quite a bit since. Hmmmmmmm #cricket #
14:59 #Cricket Australia CEO James Sutherland is rated by @ThePowerIndex as 6th most powerful person in Australian sport - #
14:45 #cricket Possible shock choices for new NSP chairman: Richie Benaud, Belinda Clark, Ross Edwards, Andrew Hilditch, CA's online poll operator #
14:39 #Cricket Australia has named as its chairman an ex-international... just. I think I saw every one of Wally Edwards' 68 Test runs in 1974. #
14:32 Remember when the Hong Kong Sixes had a weekend to themselves in #cricket's quiet month of October? They're on now. @CricketHK has updates. #
14:27 Or to rephrase that last question: #CHOGM had an opening ceremony? #
14:26 What? They held the #CHOGM opening ceremony and I missed it? #
11:11 @pratyushkh the two-letter domains used by short URL services these days bear no relation to the country of origin, like #
10:54 @pratyushkh is the BBC's preferred short URL #
08:58 7 billion people and you: My number is 2,960,614,565 #whatsyournumber ? #
07:46 Brilliant piece on TAbbott today. #auspol RT @latingle: Canberra observed out from behind the paywall today #
07:06 Waterfront owner to sue Lake Macquarie Council claiming its #climatechange policy hurts property values - #

Daily Twitter Posts - 27/10/2011

22:10 #cricket RT @NHoultCricket: Jury have retired to consider verdicts in spot fixing trial with judge saying he wants unanimous decision #
21:04 says it all I think - "Nobody Gives A Damn About Your Klout Score" via @techcrunch #occupyKlout #
20:30 I must say the reaction to the Great @Klout Recalibration has been worth a chuckle. People are closing their Klout accounts in protest?? #
17:09 Just received a "We missed you today" email from @theinternetshow despite the fact that I was there this morning! #
16:53 All your bedtime reading for tonight is here: RT @PeterYoung1952: CA annual report: #cricket #
12:29 What's up now - #occupyasxcomputersystem? #
12:12 Logging helps koalas? Is Robyn Parker chasing the title of Worst Environment Minister Ever? #nswpol #
10:17 I'm at The Internet Show Sydney 2011 (Sydney) w/ 4 others #
09:17 You really should be following @FireUpOnFBI for all the latest true and accurate breaking news on rugby league and everything really. #
06:32 That's why Texas should have nailed it in 5. MT @MLB: Game 6 of #WorldSeries postponed due to inclement weather #
05:47 Ha. @Klout recalibrates to put more emphasis on "quality", drops my score from 56 to 42, yet @justinbieber is still 100. #

Daily Twitter Posts - 26/10/2011

22:25 Cate and Geoffrey read their autocues like they're presenting the Oscars for best set construction. #atthemovies #
22:13 Ok. We have SBS footage. #atthemovies #margaretanddavid #
22:10 Now, to celebrate 18 years of The Movie Show and 7 years of At The Movies. Where's Silvio? #atthemovies #margaretanddavid #
22:08 Dear oh dear @AlboMP :) #hamster #
21:52 Washington Post factchecker @GlennKesslerWP gives Rick Perry’s flat tax plan Three Pinocchios - #
20:35 @Kimbo_Ramplin I've seen some casual references to "25 years of At The Movies" in ABC emails - yet to see SBS and The Movie Show named. #
20:17 I wonder how much acknowledgment SBS will receive in the Margaret and David 25th anniversary show tonight. #atthemovies #
18:25 I bet Alan Cadman would have known what is and isn't a "tax". #auspol #
17:58 Congratulations Canada - gold medallists! #baseball RT @IBAF_Baseball: Results Pan American Games October 25 #
17:47 Happy Diwali to everyone! #
17:22 Can a drum jump a shark? RT @abcthedrum: Drumpoll: should the Queen disolve parliament? #
16:01 Draw. RT @cricketicc: Who do you think will win the second Test between Pakistan and Sri Lanka? #
15:16 ROFL. RT @JohnJohnsonson: Found this great way to get around The Australian's new paywall: #
14:24 @InnerWestNews You need more stories about crazed ibis attacks or mysterious bandicoot sightings. Alas I can't help with either. #
13:21 So when will Tony Abbott rescind leadership of the Liberal Party back to Malcolm Turnbull? #auspol #
13:18 Uh oh. RT @JustinianNews: NSW Supreme Court has issued a super injunction. No details are allowed to be reported. #
12:04 As non-stories go, this is a doozy. RT @InnerWestNews: Have you heard the mysterious hum disturbing the inner west? #
10:21 @Wil_Anderson: The "Today Tonight" ethics manual. #ThingsIdLikeToSeeGrantDenyerPullOutOfACow #
09:00 Editor of "Fishing World" supports Tony Burke's decision. RT @Seasaver: Pew loses battle for Coral Sea #
07:31 *facepalm* MT @newcastleherald: #Newcastle Council refused offer from @barryofarrell to help solve Laman St #figs farce #

Daily Twitter Posts - 25/10/2011

20:58 ABC1/ABC24's @BehindTheNews couldn't show #RWC2011 footage so they re-enacted the final (including haka) with kids - #
20:36 Elias Sunny. I love the name. He's taken 6-94 on Test debut for Bangladesh v WI. Live scores of the final day: #cricket #
20:31 Have the people of India abandoned #cricket and gone F1 crazy for the week? #
17:49 Shock. The Australian misquotes Tim Flannery. His response (via @ClimateComm): #coalseamgas #
17:43 Sad news. #biodiversity RT @WWF: Inadequate protection causes Javan rhino extinction in Vietnam #
16:06 Ticket sales have been low for tonight's India v England ODI at Eden Gardens, Kolkata. Very low - #cricket #indveng #
15:59 Is there any value in the Olympic Truce approved by the UN General Assembly last week? - #london2012 #
14:43 Could today's serial editorial meltdowns at @theage be an elaborate protest at the abolition of in-house sub-editors? No I didn't think so. #
14:40 It was nice of you to visit, summer. Come back soon! #
11:23 Oh dear. RT @geoffdunn7: TOP SHOT: Tony Abbott up close and personal with a horse in Melbourne. #
11:09 Ok if Mr Obama can do it so can I. is created and may well remain forever empty. #
09:49 The transcript from last night's Media Watch on Today Tonight's appalling asylum-seeker beatup - #
09:21 Julian Assange claims to have 84% name recognition. Which 84%? "Julian Assan"? "Lian Assange"? 84% of his name at random? #
09:00 @barryofarrell I see @destinationnsw now. Missed that news. Thanks. #
08:53 hmm, why is the @EventsNSW twitter account locked? #bofgovt #nswpol #
08:42 Utterly ridiculous if true. RT @sunriseon7: More: France fined for haka advance - Yahoo!7 Sport #RWC #sun7 #
07:30 Oh please. TAbbott doing photo-ops at Flemington trackwork. Spare us. #auspol @breakfastnews #

Daily Twitter Posts - 24/10/2011

22:52 #cricket No, @cricketicc, there is simply insufficient statistical data for the T20 Rankings to have any meaningful value yet. #
22:46 #cricket Afghanistan has a T20 world ranking (9th). Neither Bangladesh nor any other Associate nation has a ranking yet. ICC, it's TOO SOON! #
22:42 David Richardson: “The launch of T20I rankings will help to give more context to bilateral T20Is” #PUKE #cricket #
22:30 That's two weeks in a row I've enjoyed #qanda. I think I'm ill. #
22:04 Every time Richo opens his mouth about the Labor Party, a big arrow should point to his head with the sign "I am part of the problem" #qanda #
21:48 Does the relative size of the panellists' pink ribbons mean anything? #qanda #
21:38 Ah! Christopher Pyne and John Waters seated side by side! #qanda #
21:36 Also shown on #4corners. RT @mediaguardian: Channel 4's Sri Lanka documentary cleared by Ofcom #
21:27 Maybe every delegation to #CHOGM should get a copy of tonight's #4corners to watch. #auspol #
21:25 So frustrating watching tonight's #4corners knowing that it will probably make no difference to either govt or opposition policy. #auspol #
15:00 Looking forward to Daniel Mortimer playing for the Newtown Jets in 2012. #nrl #
14:56 Excellent. I look forward to it every year :) #vewpy RT @austmus: Wildlife Photographer of the Year is coming soon... #

Daily Twitter Posts - 23/10/2011

22:06 Uh oh. RT @AlertNet: Magnitude 7.6 earthquake hits 35km northeast of Van, Turkey - USGS #
21:28 Come on Nicola Roxon, you know you want to. RT @newscientist: World's first fat tax: what will it achieve? #
20:46 Oh channel 9. Merde is way too kind a word to describe your indecent haste in switching to #underbelly. #
20:45 Woah. What an ugly way to win, but congratulations to the All Blacks! #rwc2011 #
20:40 If New Zealand leads by one point at full time they should play on till one side has an advantage of two pts (like tennis). #rwc2011 #
20:33 Allons enfants de la patrie! #rwc2011 #
20:00 Come on France, I expect you to double your score in the second half. #rwc2011 #
19:31 He's having a bit of a Weepu night with the boot, isn't he? #rwc2011 #
19:09 That #haka was 8.5/10 at least, but did the French infringe the 20 metres? #rwc2011 #
18:34 NSW Police #OccupyMartinPlace having ejected participants in #OccupySydney earlier in the day. #
18:28 I'm inclined to think that the Hockey Nines are the Pot Black of #hockey rather than their Twenty20. At least I hope so. #
16:53 I see my prediction of Texas #Rangers in 5 games is in tatters. #baseball #worldseries #mlb #
15:58 Police currently outnumber demomstrators at #occupysydney by approximately 12 to 0. #
09:02 That last RT was the Premier of NSW explaining why his government abolished the position of Minister for Water. #

Daily Twitter Posts - 22/10/2011

21:35 Economic benefits of the #baseball #worldseries RT @nytimessports: Cardinals’ Run Cancels St. Louis Worker Furloughs #
18:29 Nonetheless, I always enjoy seeing Australia beat India at #hockey as the women and men have both just done :) #LISS #abc1 #
18:26 9-a-side #hockey, 15-min halves, wider goals: an occasional showpiece like rugby 7s, or will it devour the sport like T20 cricket? #LISS #
17:52 Fisk on Gaddafi - #
16:08 Muammar Qaddafi should not have been killed but sent to stand trial in the Hague - Christopher Hitchens: #
16:05 The 92 year-old legend himself. RT @MMFlint: Pete Seeger, Occupying as he always has. #OWS #
13:13 Make a note in your diary now. NO WAR during the London Olympics - #
12:52 Are these on the menu anywhere at Sydney's Crave Food Festival? "The perfect gateway bug: Moth larvae tacos" via @grist #
11:07 Better late than... RT @AJEnglish: Guatemala leader apologises for 1954 coup #
09:54 @scottfarlow HRM? Want another go? :) #
09:51 Australia beats New Zealand 7-1 at 9-a-side mini-hockey. That's it, as a nation we've found our sporting niche - #
09:42 Spot the glaring error of royal protocol. MT @scottfarlow: About to go on @ABCNews24 in support of HRH Queen Elizabeth II #