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Daily Twitter Posts - 13/07/2012

17:34 "Silverlight was blocked because it is out of date." Never a truer word was spoken. #
16:28 Swan Bay, Lake Macquarie. (Though this is not a swan.) #
14:37 At long last! RT @maxphillips: Finally Marrickville Council is officially on twitter. You can follow here: @MarrickvilleNSW #marrickville #
13:13 Brett Lee retires. Then David Marr. Who's next? #
09:57 On the #shitkansen and leaving a sunny Sydney for what looks according to the BOM radar like a very wet Newcastle #
09:19 And how does it boost the Sunday replay and 6pm news? RT @telegraph_sport: Channel Nine says golden pt a ratings winner #

Daily Twitter Posts - 12/07/2012

22:16 For afficionados of 20th century web design here's a restoration of my original 1996 Atlanta Olympics page - #
21:55 Fine piece from @frasernelson in the Spectator documenting LOCOG's incredible heavy-handedness over Olympic terminology #
21:39 Therefore, on past form, I'll totally change my mind before #london2012 is finished :) #
21:35 "Expect me to be rather more dark and miserable about London 2012" - me, 12.7.12 #
21:32 "So underwhelmed am I about the Games of the XXIX Olympiad..." - me, 9.8.08 #
21:29 "I've found it really hard to get enthusiastic about these Olympics." - me, 14.8.04 #
21:18 Commencing my blog series on #london2012 with a short history of my past Olympic blogs - #
21:00 1974 must be before the dawn of time then. #geaf #austgreatestfootballer #
20:07 Albanian currency? Pushing the boundaries here. RT @everyword: qindarkas #
17:26 Coles' prices may be Down Down but the quality of their ads is Status Quo #
17:25 Uh oh RT @GardensForCats: is out! ▸ Top stories today via @sugarkiper @chandhanarao @rickeyre #
17:16 Good lord the guys from Status Quo look old these days. #
17:14 Vernesa? Beckaa?? #theshire #
16:53 Stupid stupid stupid. MT @David_Speers: John Robertson also says he is inclined to agree Greens should be preferenced last by Labor. #
16:51 This appears to be the official website for the Internet Cat Video Film Festival on August 30 - #
15:35 Looking forward to a Tony Abbott 11am press conference at Melbourne's first #NBN cafe - #auspol #
15:32 It's a Mount Gambier Wipeout there on my TV. RT @abclandline: Climate scepticism could wipe out rural towns @abcnews #
14:19 A cliche encyclopedia with added carbon tax. RT @TonyAbbottMHR: This week’s blog: News Limited Blog #MyLiberal #
14:01 The #carbonprice has made my trip to the supermarket faster, because I don't stop at Brumby's any more. #
13:08 This weekend, the #NRL holds its Rivalry Round. Because there's no rivalry any other week of the year. #
10:33 Despite not being a planet, Pluto has at least five moons. @NASA announces discovery of number five - #
10:27 Civilisation moves a step closer to the brink. The first Internet Cat Video Film Festival on in Minneapolis next month #
10:22 Who is this worker of whom Tony Abbott speaks? RT @joeobrien24: Tony Abbott: I am the workers' best friend. #
09:19 The AFL Women's Round reminds me of the NRL's Women In League week. And not in a good way. #

Daily Twitter Posts - 07/07/2012

21:56 @doggedtim tribute to bad fashion I think #
21:39 Why, suddenly, in 2012, has someone decided that there is a clash between the Essendon and St Kilda jerseys? #aflsaintsdons #
21:34 Oh dear. RT @FitnessTalk_au: Thoughts and opinions on Essendon's clash strip? #
19:15 Roogby league is a foony game... #nrlmelcan #
17:03 Good lord. Bindi Irwin's a teenager. #abc3 #
14:30 What's a Prymont? @ Pitt Street Mall #
10:25 So #IWC64 has come and gone and will be biennial from now on. #whales #
08:53 Good primer on the do's and dont's of live-tweeting (via @socialmedia2day) #
07:57 The Wafu rules should be adopted by Maccas, actually #
07:48 The more I read about Wafu owner Yukako Ichikawa the more I admire her. (Not that I'd personally dine there.) #

Daily Twitter Posts - 06/07/2012

22:56 First series since 1996. RT @IBAF_Baseball: (06 Jul 2012, 14:47) U.S. tops Cuba in Havana, 4-3 #
22:53 Is that retirement? #nrl RT @Wests_Tigers: Sheens confirms that Lote has a broken arm which will end his season. #
19:52 I love these 7.30 kickoffs in the Friday Night #NRL. 7.52 and the teams are just coming on the field #
18:43 The Shire starts Monday week? What happened to it being shelved? #
16:03 Oh. I missed Liberal #TrollTime aka #asktony #
12:43 Nominations for @ausoftheyear 2013 are now open. My early pick is restauteur Yukako Ichikawa - #foodsecurity #
12:33 We all make mistakes with the odd zero here and there #
10:49 The sort of quality local reportage from the Newcastle Herald that could never be done from New Zealand: #
10:39 I see a rainbow. It's a circular refraction of light containing the colours of the, ah, rainbow. Thought I'd share that with you. #
10:10 @phmuseum there are days when I think that's still faster than wireless broadband #
09:56 But to repeat my editorial position on twitpicing: #
09:33 If Instagram wasn't so web-unfriendly I'd re-tweet the rainbow pic I took two months ago #
09:32 @savingourtrees and not only you :) #
09:19 Apparently no one in Sydney has ever seen a rainbow before. #
08:37 I used to have one of these. MT @phmuseum: Ah the C64 cassette data reader. #
07:56 Oops that is "Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter". I just spilled the beans on the sequel. #
07:54 Exposure to alcohol advertising during the State of Origin? Worse still, viewers saw the trailer for Abraham Lincoln Vampire Killer. #
07:45 The Omar Slaimankhel story RT @NZStuffSport: From Pakistan hinterland to NRL heartland #
07:42 @profsarahj it looks ghastly. They need to follow Sydney's lead and plaster the top with Westfield logos. #
07:39 London. Shard. Why?? #

Daily Twitter Posts - 05/07/2012

22:03 That's South Korea. RT @WWF_Australia: Korea reveals plan to hunt endangered whales #whales #IWC2012 #
20:35 Am I old-fashioned for wishing commercial TV stations ran their programs to schedule? #
19:57 Thinking of retweeting some of the German #lateline tweets while Miranda is on duty tonight. #
19:47 I do love the way @Lateline announces their guest tweeter without saying what their Twitter handle is. #lateline #
18:44 More Can't Do from the Can Do government - Qld's Environmental Defenders Office defunded - #qldpol #cantdonewman #
18:09 @austallright and you clearly understand my sense of irony so well #
17:29 Mark Latham in today's AFR proving yet again that he is the Thinking Man's Richo - #auspol #
14:31 No wonder those chaps were so pleased. It is Corinthians' first win of the Copa Libertadores. They beat Boca Juniors - #
14:17 I could hear the Corinthians fans a couple of blocks away. I wonder what pub they've landed in? #
14:15 Apparently Corinthians have just won the Copa Libertadores, which explains the procession I just saw headed towards The Rocks. #
14:12 No idea what this procession down George St is about. Has Brazil won the World Cup? #
12:07 Ha. RT @lyndalcurtis: Tony Abbott when asked about Clive Palmer: "that's yesterday's issue and I dealt with all of that yesterday. " #

Daily Twitter Posts - 04/07/2012

22:16 I blame the carbon tax. #origin #soo3 #
22:08 All over. Congratulations Queensland. 21-20. A classic game. #soo3 #origin #
22:07 Junior Junior misses. Good night. #soo3 #origin #
22:01 Yep. Great fg by Cronk. 21-20 5 to go. Come on NSW!! #
21:59 Into field goal position thank you. #soo3 #origin #
21:56 Wohoo 20-20 #uptheblues 9 to go #soo3 #origin #
21:56 Brilliant try to JMoz. Now... #
21:54 Oh yes JMoz! #soo3 #origin #
21:30 All right. 14-16. Go to it Blues! #uptheblues #soo3 #origin #

Daily Twitter Posts - 24/06/2012

20:28 Great ep1 of #sportingnation. Looking forward to the treatment of the Montreal and Moscow Olympics next week #
19:35 ICSS joins United Nations Global Compact to help fight sports corruption #
19:10 And what exactly does a horse do with the keys to the city? #
18:05 Never mention glue and horses together. MT @Irelandcricket: The @cricketaus squad glued to Black Caviar's win #
14:04 I'm at Deep Oceans Exhibition (Sydney) #
11:51 How many Andrew Gs does the ABC have these days? #
08:09 I think I can get through Sunday morning without reliving the triumphs of the galloping #liveanimalexport, thank you. #
01:32 Sigh. I slept through it all and missed out using the #liveanimalexport hashtag as planned. #
01:15 Oh did Australia win a gold medal? #

Daily Twitter Posts - 16/06/2012

19:50 What is this Rugby Onion of which you speak? #
19:00 "We're not looking at a Rolls-Royce type of Games if a Toyota-type will do." CGF President on #goldcoast2018 #
16:47 Full time. Tigers by 12. #aflgiantstigers #
16:42 The Tigers are home now. #aflgiantstigers #
16:33 Target practice, Richmond. #aflgiantstigers #
15:52 Scores. Were. Level. #
15:47 Scores. Are. Level. #aflgiantstigers #
15:36 I am sure that in the game right in front of me I have seen the ball kicked once. GWS you have it all ahead of you. #
15:33 Some of these kiddies on the field at half time seem to think they're playing touch footy as in that other code #
15:22 Richmond really should be a lot further in front than this. 6.7 to 5.1 at half time. #aflgiantstigers #
14:21 Deleted that last tweet and I'll shut up now. Too cold to tweet anyway #
14:11 Game has begun. If Skoda Stadium holds 25k they'd be struggling to have 10,000 today. #aflgiantstigers #
14:09 Oh. Just realised the rugby league player is not out there today. #aflgiantstigers #
14:04 Da Giants. #aflgiantstigers #
14:03 I seem to be surrounded by fanatical Richmond supporters. Is there such a thing as a fanatical GWS fan yet? #
13:58 Waiting for the players. #aflgiantstigers #
13:48 Some partially-clad indigenous gentlemen are delivering the Welcome to Country as the rain eases to a drizzle. #
13:11 Full time in the NEAFL @NTThunderFC 22.7 bt UWS Giants 13.13 in persistent rain. #aflgiantstigers in about an hour #
12:31 Currently 3/4 time in the NEAFL, Northern Territory Thunder 14.4 lead UWS Giants 9.10. GWS v Richmond starts abt 90 mins time #
12:29 And I think it's my first time inside Sydney Showground/Skoda Stadium since seeing Japan beat Australia in baseball at the 2000 Olympics #
12:26 Call it treachery if you will but today I'm at my first AFL game in *cough cough* years. Under cover thank you. #
12:25 Fish burger. Four, yes four, fish fingers with lettuce tomato and mayo for 8 bucks. @ ŠKODA Stadium #
12:14 A nice drizzly day at the AFL @ ŠKODA Stadium #
12:11 I'm at ŠKODA Stadium (Homebush, NSW) #
08:55 Great piece by @robertdillon174 in today's @newcastleherald about the Hunter Sports Group #nrl #knights #aleague #jets #

Daily Twitter Posts - 15/06/2012

20:48 Please follow @westpapuamedia for all the latest news from West Papua. We need to be paying close attention. #
13:27 #ff @reuters A good RebelMouse page from Reuters for breaking world news #
13:23 #ff @mashable You didn't really think Mashable would be lagging with a RebelMouse page did you? #
13:14 #ff @propublica Independent US non-profit investigative news org. #
13:13 For #followfriday this week I'm going to mention through thr day some accounts (mostly news sites) that have set up @RebelMouse pages... #
12:41 #goPNG #london2012 RT @RAPacific: PNG sending biggest team yet to #Olympics - eight athletes to compete in five sports #
12:17 Several complaints all dealt with lamely. RT @lyndalcurtis: ACMA findings on 2GB #

Daily Twitter Posts - 10/06/2012

22:18 Brilliant. Just brilliant. #Mabo #
20:34 #Mabo. #ABC1. Now. #
19:00 That be heavy rain outside. #
18:20 I'm wearing my glasses now but still manage to read Anti-Infiltration Law as Anti-Flirtation Law #
18:14 Contextless gun pics countered with contextless gun pics. Is that the best the news media have to throw up tonight? #
17:42 Does the world need a male version of PInterest that's not Pinterest? The creators of Dudepins think so - #
08:57 How I managed to get to the train station before remembering I wasn't wearing my glasses is totally beyond me. #
08:21 The new royalty are wealthy overseas gamblers. NSW Govt extends their smoking exemption at a Pyrmont gambling den - #
08:14 Police end their investigation of the Hef. Political weirdness in the Dobell electorate is truly bipartisan. #auspol #
07:54 @thetodayshow D'arcy and Monk brandishing guns is not as offensive as Aussie athletes forced to "wear" the Aus flag as a cape for TV promos #


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