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I'm happy that Canterbury-Bankstown won the NRL grand final last night. Not so much for the club as for the fans. Most of the fans. The Doggies came from 13-6 down at half-time to lead 16-13 and hold off a late Roosters surge to win. Kicking a field goal in the first half and then losing by less than a try, yes wasn't that smart?

Empire Notes

October 1, 5:00 pm.
October 1, 5:00 pm. 5000 troops, 3000 American and 2000 Iraqi auxiliaries, have stormed Samarra, a town in Salahuddin province that had become a rebel stronghold by the end of May. Over 100 Iraqis have already been killed in the attack. To the New York Times, they are all "insurgents," but of course every time that claims of civilian casualties made by Iraqi doctors on the ground treating the wou ...

The Hartlepool Horror

I wouldn't normally take an interest in domestic British politics apart from the causes of Scottish and Welsh nationalism and keeping an eye on the UK Green Party or following any moves towards a British republic or doing a vulturewatch on Tony Blair. Yep, I have no interest in British politics at all.

Global Village Idiot arrested

Goodness me it's been a busy day. Global Village Idiot, Alexander Downer, was placed under citizen's arrest in Melbourne this morning. Unfortunately he got away.

The "warrant" for GVI's arrest laid charges of war crimes in relation to Iraq, also violations of the United Nations charter, violations of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, and violations of the Convention against Torture.