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We're coming ninth!

Submitted by Rick Eyre on August 15, 2004 - 12:39pm

Australia is in ninth place in the Athens Olympics medal tally following Friday night's official opening.
Leaderboard on the Olympics medal tally at SMH.com.au
According to the Sydney Morning Herald's olympic games website, Australia was on 0 gold, 0 silver and 0 bronze, for a total of 0 medals. Of the 0 events decided in the Games at that point, Albania was in the lead, ahead of Algeria and American Samoa. Pity poor Zimbabwe.

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Erki carried the flag!

Submitted by Rick Eyre on August 15, 2004 - 10:34am

If Jesus could be born in 4BC then I guess the Olympics can start two days before the uttering of the phrase "Let the games begin".

Let's get something clear from the outset - opening ceremonies are a wank. And the Athens opening ceremony was a classic (no pun intended) case. It was an incredible achievement and logistic tour de force... but what does this have to do with sport?

I'll leave my comments, having viewed the replay on channel 7 during the day today, to just a few:

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Erki Erki Erki!

Submitted by Rick Eyre on August 15, 2004 - 2:39am

Thursday, September 28, 2000, Dianne and I were sitting in the stands at Stadium Australia watching the second morning of the decathlon. Come the discus throw, and there was one guy who slammed both of his first two throws straight into the cage. His third throw was judged to be legal only after a protest. He went on to win the gold medal. My hero of Sydney 2000 is back for Athens 2004. Estonia's first-ever male gold medallist, he is the one and only Erki Nool.

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Ring Around The Olympics

Submitted by Rick Eyre on August 14, 2004 - 4:36am

It's Athens 2004 time. I've found it really hard to get enthusiastic about these Olympics. I think that four years is too frequent a cycle, and the experience locally of Sydney 2000 is personally a bit hard to top. But it's hard to take the Olympic Spirit seriously any more.

Open Source Media Project

Submitted by Rick Eyre on August 13, 2004 - 10:40am

I'll be following this one. San Francisco-based new media journalist JD Lasica has teamed up with Macromedia founder Marc Canter to create the Open Source Media Project. Media being, for the most part, audio and visual media.

It sounds like a very interesting project. JD explains more in his weblog, while Marc displays a diagram of the Open Media architecture in his.

Game of the Week: Donkey John

Submitted by Rick Eyre on August 13, 2004 - 8:16am

The evil Donkey John is laying claim to Timor Leste's oil resources. Guide brave Xanana Gusmario up the oil rig using the arrow keys, jumping the stolen barrels of oil. Activate the International Crane of Justice and use it to bring greedy Donkey John down.

You need to have Flash installed on your computer, but this online parody of the classic computer games is great fun if you do!

Careful what you wear in the Land of the Free

Submitted by Rick Eyre on August 13, 2004 - 2:39am

An amazing story from the USA, of a couple in Charleston, West Virginia who wore T-shirts with anti-GW Bush slogans when they attended the President's official Fourth of July appearance at the State Capitol.

Jeff and Nicole Rank were ejected from the rally, arrested, handcuffed, fingerprinted and remanded to appear in court at a later date. And Nicole then found herself sacked from her job in classical Kafkaesque fashion.


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