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Day 8 part 2: US wins War on Error

Paul Hamm won the USA's first ever gold medal in men's individual gymnastics. One problem, however. He shouldn't have been declared the winner.

South Korea's Yang Tae-Young was denied one-tenth of a point on his parallel bar routine due to a judging error. Yang took bronze behind Hamm and compatriot Kim Dae-Eun when 0.049 points separated all three. If Yang's score had been calculated correctly, he would have beaten Hamm by 0.051.

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Day 8: Here's your gold, where's our marbles?

Great Britain's biggest ever single day of Olympic competition. Five golds, three silvers and two bronzes on Saturday: the men's coxless fours, the Finn class sailing, the men's individual pursuit, and (thanks to a successful appeal) the three-day event all came up winners... and lets not forget, of course, the ynglers. Shirley Robertson, Sarah Webb and Sarah Ayton did their country proud with a fine week of yngling, even if they sat out the final race.

Honkbal day five

Canada lost their unbeaten status in the Olympic Honkbal tournament when competition resumed on Friday after the rest day Thursday. The Australians made heavy weather of their game against Greece, while Italy knocked off Taiwan. The following is the ONS wrap of the day's action:

Men : Day 5: Japan, Cuba, Canada on top of standings 20 Aug. 2004

The Chaser, the Bladder, and other sobering Olympic coverage

The Chaser, that superb Sydney-based newspaper of record, is hosting an Ancient Olympian Online Tipping Competition. As well, apparently, as inventing democracy, souvlaki, and fluffy dice, The Chaser tells us that the Ancient Greeks were famous for their online tipping comps. I commend this competition to you.

Olympic-related items on The Chaser website this week:

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Day 6: Lowering the Boom(er)

The Dream Team almost cacked it again. The Australian Boomers led the end of each of the first three quarters before the Americans realised "Oh hello, the game has started has it?" and scored 24 points to 12 in the final term. USA 89, Australia 79, the DT's now 2 -1. Read the USA Basketball report on the game.

Blue berets and other fashion statements

US Olympic capFirstly, an apology from me. When I thought a number of US athletes in the Opening Ceremony parade were wearing their caps back to front, I didn't realise that they were actually wearing a special parade cap (illustrated, right). The official fashion designers for the US Olympic team is a company called Roots - see the press release on the USOC website issued on Saturday, after the Opening Ceremony.


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