Daily Twitter Posts - 18/04/2012

22:29 Here it is. The official tartan of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games - http://t.co/vo2tq9Vr #
22:00 Umm, O*e Dire***on tickets are going on sale 17 months in advance? Will these kiddies even still be famous in 17 months time? #
18:51 Hello, President Zuma! RT @everyword: polygamous #
16:57 I worry when @dannolan_ebooks makes more sense than @rupertmurdoch #
12:28 Burglars break into Bunnings but don't have the tools to crack the safe - http://t.co/GGfKZFfQ #
11:49 Together or separately? RT @warne888: Anyone else out there interested in UFO's and dinosaurs? #
11:42 Am I the only person who writes my #ff tweets on Wednesday then saves them to draft for unleashing on Friday? #
10:30 Wait... This is a true story??? RT @HuffingtonPost: Newt Gingrich bitten by penguin http://t.co/9yZUdjGE #
10:24 Between the tweets this morning from @lalitkmodi, @rupertmurdoch and @turnbullmalcolm I think my brain's going to explode! #
10:08 Wow. RT @TroveAustralia: Playtime! You can mash, share, re-use and enrich Trove content with our new API. Find out how http://t.co/c23ya1Qs #
09:58 You mean it wasn't a silly gimmick? RT @RT_com: Julian #Assange explains the 'censored' credits in #TheWorldTomorrow http://t.co/YV26MLsN #
09:39 From @IRINNews the story of ten girls seeking to represent #Somalia in the 400m on the track at #London2012 http://t.co/IdVpr1g2 #
09:08 Tony Abbott is giving a press conference in front of a shelf full of Anzac cookies? How patriotic! #auspol #abc24 #