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OK I have voted

It seems such a waste of paper to have that huge senate ballot just so that I can do one vertical stroke in one box.

This is how I voted this morning in my eleventh House of Representatives election:

House of Representatives, Grayndler:
2 Philip Myers (Greens)
3 Sue Johnson (Socialist Alliance)
4 Jen Harrison (Democrats)
1 Anthony Albanese (Labor)
5 Stephanie Kokkolis (Liberal)

Senate, New South Wales:
Above the line, 1: Group X (Greens) - John Kaye, Carol Berry, Ben Oquist, Susie Russell, Trish Mullins, Jeremy Buckingham.

The Greens are directing their NSW senate preferences as follows:
7-8: Progressive Labour Party
9-10: Nuclear Disarmament Party
11-12: Save the ADI Site Party
13-14: Socialist Alliance
15-16: Help End Marijuana Prohibition
17-19: Australian Democrats
20-21: Australian Progessive Alliance
22-23: group U, untitled
24-27: Australian Labor Party
28-29: group D, untitled
30-31: Liberals for Forests
32-37: Liberals/Nationals
38-41: ungrouped
42-43: group K, untitled
44-45: group W, untitled
46-47: The Great Australians
48-49: The Fishing Party (oops, that should be this link)
50-51: No GST
52-53: Outdoor Recreation Party
54-55: Family First
56-57: Lower Excise Fuel and Beer Party
58-60: Ex-Service, Service and Veterans Party
61-62: New Country Party
63-67: Christian Democratic Party
68-69: Citizens Electoral Council
70-71: Australians Against Further Immigration
72-73: Non-Custodial Parents Party
74-75: group A, untitled (including David Ettridge)
76-78: One Nation.

I cast my votes at Stanmore Public School which, for the trivia buffs, is where the great Australian left-handed batsman Sidney Barnes went to school.