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Election time again... the 2016 edition

Here we go again. It may be a couple of months earlier than expected, it may be for twice as much of the Senate as expected, but we're off to another federal election. And, for the third time running, the Prime Minister at this election is not the Prime Minister Australia had at the start of this term.


An historically great speech from Prime Minister Gillard

History loves great speeches, and much of the time ignores their backstories. Prime Minister Julia Gillard gave a brilliant address to the House of Representatives on October 9, 2012 excoriating the current opposition leader Tony Abbott.

Building Bridges, with Warren Truss

Welcome to the premiere of Sky News Australia's kinder, gentler, interactive political talk show and weekly engineering tutorial all wrapped in one, "Building Bridges with Warren Truss".

This week's special guests:

Tony Abbott.

"we will hold them ferociously to account because that is what the Australian people will expect of us." *

Barnaby Joyce.

More from the comic books

Although the Murdoch empire is generally perceived as pursuing a pro-Liberal agenda in this election, this clearly evidences itself only in its loss-leading broadsheet "The Australian". As for the "Daily Telegraph", famously endorsed by Kristina Keneally as "the people's paper" a while back, there is only one over-riding agenda - to make money.

The Raul Julia, featuring Tony Abbott as The John Astin

News yesterday of a makeover in Julia Gillard's election campaigning style surely contained a typographical error when it referred to "Real Julia". It brought back images, firstly of "Kiss of the Spider Woman" but also of "The Addams Family" (more so its motion picture sequel, "Addams Family Values").

That, in turn, takes us way back to July 2010, when the Australian Workers Union put out an unfunny and not particularly clever attack ad, but which suddenly takes on a whole new relevance:


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