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December 1, 2006:
India's first Twenty20 international (v South Africa). Tendulkar's only. He scored Ten.
December 1, 2000:
Glenn McGrath takes Test hat-trick at the WACA (Campbell, Lara, Adams)
December 1, 1996:
Lance Klusener takes 8-64 in debut Test to trounce India
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Clive Rice and the game when he was the best of the best
29 Jul 2015

Richie Benaud 1930-2015
10 Apr 2015
Richie Benaud meant so much to so many people, and despite his extreme modesty you know he accepted the good humour of it all. And unlike many of his contemporary ex-player-turned-commentators, you could never accuse him of being a curmudgeon. ...more

The IPL8 livestock sales
16 Feb 2015
Here below is a spreadsheet summary of the overseas signings for IPL8 at today's auction, with their sale prices in rupees converted into Bitcoins, Dogecoins, Aussie dollars and other novelty currencies: ...more

February Foolishness: My picks in the 2015 Cricket World Cup
13 Feb 2015
In the US they have March Madness. The 64 team knockout contest in men's basketball where fans fill out their bracket and attempt to pick, before the tournament commences, all 63 winners right down to the Championship game. In that futile tradition I give you my February Foolishness, as I attempt to pick the winners of the 2015 Cricket World Cup. ...more

48 Tweets To Make You Feel That All Is Good With West Indian Cricket
16 Jan 2015
Whycliffe "Dave" Cameron has not exactly had a stellar two years in the hot seat as President of the West Indies Cricket Board. But you'd never know it from his Twitter feed. ...more

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