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Scary Movie (2000)

If you've seen one, you've seen them all - at least I laughed at "Scary Movie" a bit.

A spoof on "Scream", "I Know What You Did Last Summer" and other teen horror flicks of the late nineties. It comes across more often like a satirical review of the hit movies of 1998-99, eg "The Sixth Sense", "The Matrix", Shakespeare In Love" (I did like the trailer for "Amistad II" though). What it is really derivative of is, of course, 1980's "Airplane" ("Flying High" to us Australians) and every other film in the genre spoof line since.

There's not much else I want to dwell on here. It's not the sort of movie I would have ever paid money to go see, so I can't comment on its impact inside a cinema. The fact that Dianne and I laughed quite a lot is enough to give "Scary Movie" a rating as high as I have given it.

My IMdb rating (out of 10): 6. I saw "Scary Movie" on Movie One (Optus Television) on Monday, December 23, 2002.