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RNC Fascist Infomercial Day 4 Preview

The tea-to-stumps session of the fourth and final day of the New York StuporTest will start in a few minutes. The big question is: will GW Bush accept the Republican Party's unanimous nomination for President? Let's hope not, and make this Circ... er, Convention worthwhile.

Thursday night's program opens with a spiel by gymnasts Mary Lou Retton and Kerri Strug, ice skater Dorothy Hamill and NFL footballer Lynn Swann. Ugh.

Some links: Firstly, I'm following this live on C-Span.

Michael Moore's reports on the RNC appear at USA Today.
Arundhati Roy visited the RNC as a guest of Democracy Now! and gives her observations (video and audio available from that link). has a Politics Attention Index(TM), which is currently topped by Andrew Sullivan's report on Zell Miller's address on Wednesday night. (Hmm, I've just improved his score.) has a good summary of the leading bloggers at the RNC. See also and

The gymnasts are on. Mary Lou and Kerri giving the Oath of Allegiance. That was quick. Thank goodness. Someone called Nicole C Mullen is singing the anthem. Ah, I see now. She has a new album coming out next week!

And here's a bishop leading the convention in prayer. Notice how the Republican convention presumes that everyone is Christian?

Now we have a military procession onto and off the stage with a huge stars and stripes as backdrop. Kim Il-Sung would have been proud of such a display if he was still with us (which, apparently, he still is).

And now we are on the mutual admiration dialogue between Dorothy Hamill and Lynn Swann. And a big round of applause for the mighty 103-medal winning US olympic team. Their message to America: Get out there and be active. Remember, "You have a whole team, including the President, behind you!"

Enough live reporting for now. There's a heart-warming video of Dubya fishing on a riverbank with Barney at his feet. Enough. I have to go buy a birthday present for my four year-old great-niece.