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Food fight!

My whole body smells like a lunch box!
- Chen Chong-yi (Democratic Progressive Party, Taiwan), 26.10.04

What a great moment for democracy it was in Taipei on Tuesday. A debate about whether a multi-billion dollar arms budget should be placed on the parliamentary agenda this Friday turned into an open battle of its own.

"You've got no shame!" screamed Chu Fong-chih of the opposition Nationalist Party, after throwing a take-out box of chicken and rice at Chen Tsung-yi, a legislator from the ruling Democratic Progressive Party who backed the special budget, the China Daily reports.

Associated Press has vision of the fracas. I wonder if there is a Hansard available?

I guess over in Beijing they will see this as a perfect example of how their offshore province is totally incapable of governing itself. But would it enhance proceedings in the House of Reps in Canberra? Could this be a new tactic for ALP house business leader Julia Gillard to try out? And how would Bronwyn Bishop handle it if, heaven forbid, she gets elected Speaker?