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Pull up those Red Sox!

Goodness gracious. The Boston Red Sox are one game away from their first World Series in 86 years. My prediction of 4-1 to the Cardinals is being shot to smithereens.

4-1 was in fact the score, in runs, of Boston's win at Busch Stadium in Game Three which has just ended. Now that they've come this far, I hope the Red Sox win game four simply because it's the last game I'll be able to watch before we go on holidays.

Ooh they are excited over at the Boston Globe. The Herald seems to be lagging a bit at the moment as I write - still previews of the game although they do have the final box score. Pedro Martinez was the winning pitcher in his first (only?) World Series appearance. Keep an eye on the sports pages of El Nacional as soon as they update.

On the subject of Martinez, it would be remiss of me not to mention the Dominican Players blogspot, which tracks Dominican Republic players in the major leagues.

Is the Curse of the Bambino about to come to an end? (ie, the Red Sox have not won a World Series since they traded George Herman Ruth to the Yankees) While we are in woofing mode, here are the Red Sox stats from the 1918 season, and detailed scores and stats from the 1918 World Series, when they beat the Cubs (sigh) 4-2.

But let's not forget the Cards completely. Here is a report by Jeff Gordon of the Post-Dispatch.