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A GWB magic moment in xenophobia

Now I know why I am always refused a connection to I was sure that there weren't that many computer-literate Republicans out there to deluge his site with hits.

Here's a Netcraft report on access response times (complete with graphs) on access to the Bush website from within the US and beyond. Several news reports on the web since the Netcraft release, here is the Free Internet Press report. has a great collection of observations on the situation, including ways to get around it - although they now appear to be blocked as well.

I am impressed by the person who registered Click on the link and see where you end up (no it's not porn). But in the absence of any overseas access to, I recommend

According to the BBC, Netcraft president Mike Prettejohn speculated that the Bush/Cheney campaign office might have decided to "cut costs". In an election campaign where more than a billion dollars has already been flushed down the toilet, yeah right...

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