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Adelaide zoo snaps

Di, Adara and a quokka.Some photos from our visit to the Adelaide Zoo during our recent holiday in South Australia are on-line now in my little-publicised gallery site.

Among creatures depicted: zebra, lion, meerkat, siamang, quokka, tapir, tortoise, even the odd chook or two. Some of my pics didn't come out too well, as it was raining for most of our visit and the lens got a bit wet. Among the deleted photos was my picture of two firefoxes in their enclosure - unfortunately I ended up with a very good close-up of the wire fence!

Still to go on-line, we have some photos from the Tasmanian rainforests taken during our honeymoon in April 2001. One pic of a couple of pademelons was featured on my home for a long time, but most of the others have never been published. I'll do so when I get time.