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Al Jazeera on Australia

Al-Jazeera's English language website is one of my primary sources for world news on the web these days, giving as it does a different, professional and independent perspective on world events from the Middle East angle. When they draw their attention to Australia, you can be sure it is unlikely to be in a positive light, but it makes for a worthwhile benchmark of our perception overseas.

Two items that I have seen over the past week:
Aborigines bury custody casualty (11 December), reporting the funeral and burial of Cameron Doomadgee, who died in police custody on Palm Island, Queensland on November 19 in questionable circumstances.
And off the presses a few hours ago, Tribunal: Muslims vilified in Australia (17 December), on a ruling yesterday by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal that Catch the Fire Ministries office holders Danny Nalliah and Daniel Scot breached the Religious and Racial Tolerance Act in a 2002 seminar by, among other things, calling Muslims liars and demons. (The Age has the AAP's report of the case.)