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Bradman Foundation to promote cricket

Submitted by rickeyre on April 22, 2005 - 2:13am

Bradman Foundation to promote cricket
(Deccan Herald, 21.4.05)

This is a curious arrangement. The Bradman name is brutally protected from commercial exploitation in Australia. So how is it that the Bradman estate's exclusive agent - the Bradman Foundation - is flogging biscuits invoking The Don's name as its brand?

It's not clear just what these biscuits are, but a look at the manufacturer's website may give us some clues. Unibic make biscuits under a range of different brands in Australia (including Weight Watchers), but their best-known product is the Anzac biscuit. This is a traditional Australian biscuit believed apocryphally to have had its origins during the First World War. (Here's a recipe from

It seems, however, that the Bradman bickie is some sort of chocolate cookie. If we go back a month, Rediff's Shohab Warrier wrote about the Bradman biscuit's launch in Chennai. It seems that Unibic's Indian offshoot is flogging the Anzac biscuits in India as well.

It does seem that the primary purposes of this exercise are charitable. If, as Bradman Foundation director Richard Mulvaney says, the proceeds go towards establishing a branch of the Foundation in Bangalore, then go for it.