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On the BBC

I was interviewed by BBC Radio Five Live earlier today as part of their weekly Pods and Blogs program during their overnight shift. It's a program where they discuss current events through the eyes of bloggers and podcasters, and this morning they devoted a segment to cricket, with particular focus on Australia's woes in the NatWest Series.

The audio (in realmedia format) of the program is online at the BBC website for the next seven days. Go to Five Live's Up All Night website and select the archive of Tuesday's program. The pods and blogs program starts an hour into the audio, and my segment is about 99 minutes in. (Update June 28: The program archive has been replaced on BBC Online.)

The BBC's Chris Vallance in Los Angeles was the interviewer, and also taking part was Zunaid Kazi, who is a participant in The segment is introduced by the program's host in London, Rhod Sharp.

Update: For a limited time only, click here to stream the MP3 of the interview (approx 4 minutes).