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For ambulance-chasing bloggers, tragedy equals opportunity

This item by Andrew Orlowski posted on The Register a couple of hours ago raises some thought-provoking issues about the techie reaction to major breaking news events such as 11/9/01, the Tsunami and Thursday's bomb attacks in London.

Monique van Dusseldorp, writing for Poynter's E-media Tidbits, gives what I think is a reasonably objective look at the way the London tragedy has been covered by the "new media".

Orlowski is right in a sense. Self-analysis of the technological voyeurism of such a disaster is rather obscene (and arguably my post now, written barely 36 hours after the event, falls into that category). I think, in the fullness of time, however, it is worth studying the true value derived from the resultant wikis and moblogs - and what means we have of using these media to eliminate the causes of war and terrorism in the future.