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Podcast and XML feeds

There are a number of feeds of content from this website available for you to add to your non-commercial website or blog. They are available in either Atom or RSS (Rich Site Summary, not Real Simple Syndication) formats - both being flavours of XML.

Podcast: The Net Sessions

noun a digital recording of a radio broadcast or similar programme, made available on the Internet for downloading to a personal audio player.
— derivatives
podcasting noun.
— origin early 21st century: from iPod, a proprietary name for a personal audio player.

Oxford Dictionary of English, Revised Second Edition (via

Most people think the "pod" in "podcast" is a contraction of iPod, Apple Computer Inc's registered trademark of their mobile digital device. It's not so sinister. POD stands, simply, for Program On Demand.

My podcast, an occasional discourse on stuff related to cricket, is available in MP3 and Ogg Vorbis audio formats. I recommend Ogg, but because most brands of portable audio player (including iPod) do not support it yet, MP3 will do the trick with almost the same quality. Issue One of The Net Sessions was released on August 5, with Issue Two out on August 19. Issue Three was released on September 7, with Issue Four on Tuesday, October 18.

The podcast feeds are available in RSS only: - MP3 podcast - Ogg podcast

You can now vote for The Net Sessions on Podcast Alley.

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