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Site works, podcast news and contact information

I've added quite a few more sites to the blogroll on the right-hand side of this page, making a total of 24 in the list. I've added the ABC Sports Desk, even though they removed me from their blogroll sometime in the last fortnight... Some stylesheet tidying-up in progress as well. I'm mulling over the prospect of adding some of my older stuff to the current blog as well. Potentially, there could be material stretching back as far as 1994 if I go ahead with that.

The next edition of the podcast is now scheduled for next Friday, September 2. Fortnightly seems a realistic cycle for me. If you'd like to contribute a soundbite to future editions of my podcast, there's a few options for sending me voicemail, and more about that in a tic.

I'm seeking sponsorship for The Net Sessions - if the world's first regular cricket podcast can't pay its own way then it won't have much of a future, I'm afraid. I'll write up some info about that shortly, or you can drop me a message.

The release of Google Talk gives another option for voice communication over the internet, though I haven't tested that side of it yet. I can be contacted at rickeyre(at)gmail(dot)com, and gmail is the method that should be used to send me voicemail attachments via email.

Update 31/8/05: Now that the BBC has linked to this page, I should also add that I have now set up Yahoo! Messenger-with-Voice and (although this too is untested at this moment) you can voicemail me at my Yahoo! address which is, you guessed it, rickeyre.

You can also send voicemail via Skype to rickeyre, or to my new voicemail telephone numbers in Sydney and London:
Sydney - (02) 8569 0397; international +612-8569-0397
London - (020) 7617 7542; international +4420-7617-7542
The usual local or long distance rates apply if calling either of these numbers. Please keep your comments concise, clear and clean.