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Super Series Game 1

Submitted by rickeyre on October 6, 2005 - 4:15am

I expected that ticket sales would be paltry for the Johnnie Walker Super Series, but I am watching the telecast of the toss in first game at the Telstra Dome, and the stadium looks almost deserted!

Granted that many people will turn up after work, but those stands are almost empty.

An amusing irony to the opening of Channel Nine's telecast today if you recall Mark Nicholas' fond farewell to Richie Benaud on Channel 4's coverage from The Oval just 23 days ago. Lo and behold, there's Mark and Richie on the box again. As if there was any surprise about that.

And now we see the 37 spectators watching the ceremonial handing out of special medallions. No Prime Minister or Governor General for this ceremony. The Aussies' medals are handed out by his eminance Dean Jones, the World XI medals by Sir Neil Gavaskar, and the umpires and referees medals by President Mani.

Now what are they waiting around for, the playing of the ICC World XI national anthem?

A pat on the back from Deano for Cameron Super Sub White, but an ambiguous milestone in his career. As far as the ICC and the players' retirement funds are concerned this game is White's ODI debut. The rest of us know he'll have to wait at least until the Chappell-Hadlee in December.

Live audio of the game on ABC in realaudio and WMA format. I'm not sure if this is for Australian listeners only.

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